The Cookie Guru is taking some time for cookie contemplation. We are currently not taking any new cookie orders and will be on an extended hiatus. For more information please read this letter from Aurelie or simply sign up for our email list to receive updates and advanced notice of when we will be back to baking.

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Cooking Instructions


Pull cookie out of the freezer, remove desired amount from pack


Pre-heat oven to 350°F


Place cookies on nonstick baking sheet and bake at 350°F for 5 minutes.


Pull out of oven, let rest on baking sheet, then transfer to a plate, eat warm or cool to room temperature.


TIP: If not baking the whole package, seal remaining cookies in a reseal-able bag and place in freezer. To avoid washing dishes, cover your baking sheet with parchment paper, foil or wax paper. For an extra decadent treat serve with vanilla ice cream!

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Fan Mail

“You have raised the art of the chocolate chip cookie to a whole new level. You clearly understand that foodies, chocoholics and cookie connoisseurs are not looking for a merely good cookie or even a quite good cookie or a very good cookie, they’re looking for something that will rock their world.  That is what you have provided.”
– Jim Picco (Santa Monica)

“I don’t even like “chocolate chip” cookies, or “chocolate chip” anything… but your cookies…I LOVE. The best and probably so far the only chocolate chip cookie I’d crave.”
-Victoria Briones (posted on Facebook)

“Had your choc chip cookies today and they were to DIE for!!!!!! YUUMMMM!”

“I am a bit of a cookie monster but control the wild side. However, these cookies are amazing! Plus, I received as gift and they are wrapped nicely…that is the woman in me. J”

“I just tried your cookies… one bite and I was hooked… YUM YUM YUMMY!!!!!

“If baking is a science, then Aurélie Vacheresse is to the chocolate chip cookie what Einstein was to relativity.”
Daily Candy

“Irresistible: soft and chewy, with big chocolate chips. And how cool is it that this entrepreneur focuses only on this one kind of cookie?”
Mondette Portrait

“The perfect pairing: a 12-ounce glass of milk”
Huffington Post

“Warm ooey-gooey chewiness.”
Huffington Post

“Favorites [at The Market]: The Cookie Guru.”
Urban Daddy

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  • Cooking Instructions

    Cooking Instructions

  • Fan Mail

    Fan Mail

Cookies & Milk

Our philosophy is simple, if you are going to have something decadent, then it better be the best! That means having the highest quality and most satisfying treat you can find. This philosophy is why we choose to keep things simple and focused on creating one outstanding product: the chocolate chip cookie. Our recipe has been perfected in order to create what we think and have been told is, the best chocolate chip cookie ever!

We’ve taken the classic combination of cookies and milk and added our signature flair. Crispy, chewy, gooey cookies have a burst of bittersweet chocolate and our flavored milk* is designed to complement the cookies the way fine wine is paired with food. We use high-quality, organic ingredients and serve only organic milk. . European butter, local farm fresh eggs and TCHO, Fair-trade bittersweet chocolate, are just a few of the reasons why our cookies are the best. Anyone who has eaten them quickly becomes addicted (and that would include us!).

In addition to utilizing organic ingredients, The Cookie Guru strives to use local products whenever possible in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our production and support the California community and economy. We’re proud to endorse companies that have the same uncompromising commitment to quality and sustainability that we have, because when it’s time for you to indulge, we want you to be able to indulge responsibly. Best of all, these high quality organic ingredients help make the perfect cookie!

*Milk is only available for purchase in the store. Please click here to see the full store menu.


At the Cookie Guru we pride ourselves on doing one thing extremely well. Our menu is simple: organic chocolate chip cookies. Every month we offer a feature flavor of the moment, where we get creative and test out new combinations. No matter what flavor we do, we never veer away from the chocolate chip cookie as our base.Chocolate chip cookies are our brand and what we do best!

Feature Flavor Calendar:

January: Macadamia-Coconut White Chocolate Chip
February: Cranberry-Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip
March: Banana Chocolate Chip
April: Cinnamon-Almond Chocolate Chip
May: Reverse Chocolate Chip (chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips)
June: Double Chocolate-Salted Caramel Chip
July: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
August: Coconut-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
September: Milk-Chocolate Walnut
October: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
November: Pecan-Praline Chocolate Chip
December: Peppermint Candy Chocolate Chip

Want to join our Flavor Forum? Submit your ideas for new cookie flavors!


Aurélie Vacheresse has always had a passion for food and a natural talent for cooking. Her expertise lies not only in baking, but in tweaking traditional pastry recipes to create versions far superior than the original. Her thoughtful experimentation and research has led to the best chocolate chip cookie ever. Born in New Jersey, Aurélie soon moved across the Delaware River to Newtown, Pennsylvania with her family. From an early age, she was exposed to gourmet food through her parents’ home cooking and at the restaurants where her father Yves worked as a chef. When “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” rolled around each year, Aurélie would accompany Yves to his commercial kitchen. She preferred to spend the day not with her father, but with the pastry chef. At age seven, Aurélie mastered her first soufflé.

Prior to The Cookie Guru, Aurélie co-owned Club Gourmet, a Los Angeles–based organic meal delivery service. This upscale venture, which she operated along with her father, catered to health conscious eaters with a discriminating palate. Aurélie covered every facet of the business from sales to client relations, and, of course, cooking.

Aurélie believes that eating should be a balance of nourishing one’s body and one’s soul, and she balances her diet between healthy foods and delightful indulgences. “When I’m in tune with myself and present in the moment,” she says, “I make choices that satisfy me and make me feel good, whether it’s a cookie or a salad or both.” Since her favorite meal is dessert, she strives to create items that she can feel good about eating while allowing herself a treat in the process. As to why she chose cookies in particular, she replies, “Cookies are a transformational thing, they make people smile. I love it because it’s so who I am.”


Mailing List

As a new company we are constantly evolving, growing and changing. Sign up for our email list to stay up to date on the latest Cookie Guru announcements, news, and events.


Q: How much are your cookies?
A: Single cookies: $3 (available for purchase in store only) / Half Dozen: $15 / Dozen: $30

Q: Can I mix and match flavors?
A: Yes you can mix and match whatever flavors are available at the moment in any combination you would like.

Q: How do I find out what flavors you currently have available?
A: We always have our classic chocolate chip and caramel chocolate chip. We update twitter or facebook with our feature flavors of the moment. You are always welcome to call us to find out as well. You can also join our mailing list for updates.

Q: How long do your cookies stay fresh?
A: We believe our cookies taste best the day they are baked. We recommend enjoying the fresh baked cookies on the day they are made, but they will stay fresh for an additional day. If you must purchase the fresh baked cookies a day ahead we recommend putting them into the refrigerator and then allowing them to come to room temperature before serving. We recommend purchasing our frozen par-baked cookies so you can recreate the fresh baked cookie experience at home.

Q: What exactly are your frozen cookies?
A: We believe that baked goods taste best the day they are made, so we created a unique process in which we freeze and vacuum seal our products promptly after baking them so you can experience a “just baked” taste. It takes 5 minutes to simply “finish” our cookies in the oven and experience eating warm, gooey, and fresh baked cookies without all of the work. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE FINISHING TOUCHES)

Q: Do you sell frozen dough?
A: No, we only sell the par-baked cookies. We believe our frozen cookies are even easier and more foolproof than baking from the raw dough.

Q: Do you gift wrap or offer gift packaging?
A: All of our packaging is designed to be elegant and special. Our dozen cookies come packaged in a brown kraft box lined with tissue paper and tied with our signature chocolate brown bow. We are happy to include a gift tag for you to add a personal message or note.

Q: Do you ship?
A: Currently we do not offer shipping. We do offer delivery with Los Angeles. Please contact us for information on delivery pricing for your area.

Q: Will you ever offer shipping?
A: We definitely plan on offering shipping at some point in the future. However, shipping will only be offered for our frozen-vacuumed sealed cookies, since we feel our cookies taste best the day they are made. Please sign up for our email list to be notified of any updates on shipping.

Q: How many locations do you have?
A: We currently have one location in Santa Monica, CA.

Q: How long have you been open?
A: We opened our first location on May 20, 2011

Q: Why only chocolate chip?
A: Aurelie went on a personal quest to create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe. Once she created what she believed to be a great chocolate chip cookie, it was never a question as to what type of cookie shop she would open. Aurelie believes in the philosophy of simplicity and doing one thing really well. Chocolate chip cookies are our brand and what we do best.

Q: Do you cater?
A: We think our cookies make a fantastic addition for your special event. We don’t offer full service catering; however we do offer delivery of our cookies to your special event. Please contact us to tell us about your event, so we can customize options that would fit your individual needs best. Our individually wrapped and hand tied cookies are great as wedding or party favors. Cookies placed on beautiful platters work well for business meetings, birthday parties and large celebrations. The possibilities are endless and we are open to coming up with a creative solution for you.

Q: Do you have corporate accounts?
A: Yes. We have many small and large businesses who order our cookies on a weekly basis for client gifts and meetings.